“Jakaichi Mart” was established for you to be able to purchase the same products as in Jakarta Ichiba via Internet.


We operate this Jakaich Mart every day from the viewpoint of providing you with easy and safe shopping experience.

The language we use is English, but we have made every effort to make this site as convenient as possible for Japanese people by putting the Japanese product name in Roman letters.


In addition, we also make every effort to ensure security in order to secure “Safety & Security” which is the Jakarta Ichiba’s motto. Please use this site with confidence.


Operating Company: PT. Daisei Retail Indonesia


PT. Daisei Retail Indonesia was established to commit the quality food for everywhere. Since then, from a bakery in Blok M, “La Mouette”, Daisei Retail Indonesia has opened “Café Pelangi JJS” at Jakarta Japanese School and supermarket (Jakarta Ichiba), being backed by the special factory to pursue this commitment.

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Daisei Takeya

Daisei Takeya


DAISE GROUPの始まりは1985年、ジャカルタ・Blok M内にオープンした居酒屋「キラキラ銀座」。2009年6月に海外投資会社(PMA)に改組して以降、飲食事業はじめ小売・ベンダー・不動産・物流・デジタルマーケティングとインドネシアで活躍する皆様を 「Maju Bersama!(ともに進もう!)」の理念のもとトータルでサポートしている企業です。

DAISE GROUP began in 1985 from the “Kira Kira Ginza” tavern opened at Blok M, Jakarta. Since reorganizing as a foreign investment company (PMA) in June 2009, DAISEI GROUP has been supporting people who are actively working in Indonesia by the restaurant business, retails, real estate, logistics and digital marketing under its corporate philosophy of “Maju Bersama!”